Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Camera Obscura

That is, the camera has gone missing, so I'm afraid I don't have pictures of some new works in progress (which haven't really progressed very far anyway) and haven't been able to take pictures of the old tetrachromes that I'm planning to put up on yessy.com... or for the related blog entry which will be titled something like, "from the antiquities vault."

At any rate, Katell Keineg has a new album out!

I decided to do the object-free, object-travel-free purchase bit at cdbaby.com/cd/katellkeineg2. I still find the digiformat weird. So far, I've been enjoying the album - I've only listened a couple times and while doing other things, e.g. typing a blog entry - need to sit down to give it a focused listen. My i-pod just finished synching...