Monday, June 7, 2010

Hyde Park Exhibition, June-July 2010

Just a quick post to announce that I have paintings up now at Hyde Park Bar and Grill, 4206 Duval Street (that's here in Austin, Texas, of course), through July 24th. I'm sharing the space with one, John Mosteller, who principally makes serigraphic work that looks pretty different than my paintings, but my works are mostly up in the rooms to the right (north) of the entrance along with a couple in the main room: one over the fireplace (Haarlem Lion and Cubs), one over the back booth (Winter Coats). Tomorrow, "Koi Pond 3," (below) will go up above the front-most doorway to the south-side, dining room - I'm a bit short, otherwise, on horizontal pieces at the moment.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Koi Poloi

Yeah, goofy title.

I suppose it's been a while since the new koi painting appeared in a works in progress section of a previous entry: it was a while before additional progress, and then I really pushed to get it done in a couple or so days, painting with little enough time in between sessions that I didn't think to bother photographing the progress... or maybe I did think about it and decided not to bother...

Koi Pond 6 22 x 28 inches acrylic on canvas

I'm not sure that I'll be doing many more fish paintings - like I have been doing that many anytime recently - fish don't have a whole lot of personality. The painting has turned out rather nicely, though, so I have considered reconsidering: I was planning on doing a 3 x 4 foot, koi pond as I commenced this one, but then, like I said, fish don't have that much personality. Plus, unless I start doing reflection settings, or fishes out of water, or fish tanks in front of places (that idea is kind of amusing), the variety of fish settings that fit conceptually into my oeuvre is not so appealing to me for painting.

Meanwhile, back in the Antiquities Department...

Ceylon 18 x 24 inches acrylic on canvas 2003

I've been updating over at Most of the Color-Forms are up, a couple of the Tea paintings, and soon I'll get started posting the Tetrachromes. "Ceylon," is one of the earliest in this Pop Art series in which I combined tea bag envelopes with a variety of other images; in this case, a Fortnum and Mason, Orange Pekoe packet serves as the backdrop for a tiger with some bamboo and a waterfall taken from a Japanese screen.

Haven't sent the announcement out yet, but I have a show going up at Hyde Park Bar and Grill in Hyde Park (Austin, not London) this coming Sunday, June 6. I'll mention it again later.

This has been a brief post of recent news - a more content-heavy entry is planned for the near future.