Monday, December 2, 2019

Laura Jennings and Aydin Rahbar at Brick Oven on 35th Street

The current show I've coordinated at Brick Oven on 35th Street features the art works of Laura Jennings and Aydin Rahbar.  Both Aydin and Laura work in mixed media techniques, applying different layers of materials to create works characterized by visual depth, wit and liveliness.  Laura's works are abstract and colorful, playfully interpreting phrases and mis-phrasings, while Aydin's are representational and black and white, using popular culture derived sources to imagine strange futures.  Despite their visual and thematic differences, the works harmonize and play off of each other in unique, exciting ways.

See the work and visit with the Laura and Aydin during the Artists' Receptions scheduled for 12-3 PM on December 7th - event page 

Exhibit on view during restaurant hours through February 1, 2020.

Are friends eclectic?

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Debbie Carroll and Winston Hicks at Cielo Bistro Mexico

I recently added Cielo Bistro Mexico to the establishments for which I'm coordinating art exhibits and this second show for the restaurant combines the paintings of Debbie Carroll and the photographs of Winston Hicks in a delectable melange on view through December.

Winston's photographs depict the colors and textures of Mexico and Guatemala while Debbie's paintings feature the landscapes and flora of the Southwest executed in vibrant colors.  Come see how well the forms and colors play together while enjoying the restaurants regional dishes.

Cielo Bistro Mexico, 7032 Wood Hollow Dr #101, Austin, TX 7873,

Be sure to visit the artists' websites to enjoy additional images and find additional information on their current and upcoming shows!

Tu nombre me sabe a hierba

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Suzanne Koett and Emily Sharp at Brick Oven on 35th Street

The current show, up through November 2nd, at Brick Oven on 35th Street features the works of Suzanne Koett and Emily Sharp.  Emily's paintings depict landscapes and waterscapes in their immensity but with a feeling of intimate connection to the natural phenomena of light, atmosphere, and physical substance.  Suzanne's photomontages depict journeys of the psyche navigating the world through images inspired by the tracks of an album by John Frusciante.

Come see the artwork and visit the artist at the reception, hosted by the restaurant, scheduled for September 15th, 3 - 6 PM.  Happy drink and food specials: $4 wine, $3 beer and 50% off appetizers!

I can't get my head off of the ground

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Laura Caffrey and B. Shawn Cox at Brick Oven

Giving the rooms at Brick Oven on 35th Street a different look, works by B. Shawn Cox and Laura Caffrey went up in the restaurant's dining rooms this morning.  Laura's assemblages combine found objects to create works that have a feeling of strange schematic illustrations and from Shawn's diverse, serial works, groupings of Edison lightbulb and bow tie paintings punctuate the Brick Oven's colorful walls.  The show runs through April 27th.

I'm the Robot Butler, sir.  Your hat, sir.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Carol Serur and Alicia Philly at Brick Oven on 35th Street

The current show at Brick Oven Restaurant on 35th Street pairs the paintings of Alicia Philly and photographs of Carol Serur.  Alicia's paintings poetically interpret the natural world into abstract, vibrant color fields and lines.  Carol's photos present the frenetic vivacity of dog shows and placid scenes from European travels.

On view through February 2, 2019

That's a bear in a bee costume.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Science Show (of Art) at the Brick Oven on 35th Street

This morning I hung the new show of works by Sylvia Troconis and Cathy Savage at the Brick Oven on 35th Street.  I'm calling this one, "The Science Show," since both their works feature scientific themes: Sylvia's sculptural pieces evolved as representations of the light spectra of periodic elements,  a number of Cathy's works present notable scientists and natural phenomena.

On view through October 27th

Good heavens, Miss Sakamoto, you're beautiful!

Monday, March 26, 2018

Japonisme à Trois

Visit Atelier 1205's facebook page for more info. about the group exhibition with Valerie Chaussonet and David Lamplugh.