Saturday, June 20, 2009


Black and White - 2008 - 16"x20" acrylic on canvas

Welcome to my artblog/temporary website (no telling when an actual, official website of my art will occur). I'm still getting things going here: figuring out how things work, what the content is going to be, what fonts and colors I want to use.
I'm expecting the entries will principally be my pictures with descriptive blurbs and perhaps also something of a journal of work in progress; but I wouldn't be surprised if I branch out into writing about other peoples' art, music, design, whatever strikes my fancy.
At any rate, as far as site for viewing my work go at present, my most recent work can be seen (and acquired) at Libertine Gallery the gallery is presently without a physical space, but maintains the online presence and is otherwise nomadic. Also, I've put up (and will be puting up more) older stuff - works previously unsold, works previously unshown, works previously unseen - at this place,, since I'm running out of storage space...
Until later,