Monday, July 20, 2009

Old stuff, new stuff

Recently I've been adding pictures from my Color-Panel Series to the old stuff available at This series, executed mostly during 2005 between the Tea Paintings and the Flower-Pattern Paintings, is a small set of paintings, not previously exhibited.

Screen 16x20 inches acrylic on canvas

The idea for the colored center with uncolored sides came directly from the Tea Paintings, particularly the ones using Twinings envelopes:

I need to take new, digital pictures of the Tea Paintings since I'm not satisfied with the quality of the extant, photo-print images which additionally didn't all scan very well...

At any rate, the uncolored sides presented themselves to me, conceptually, as an area beyond the edge of the canvas and not, "the main picture," but implying that there is more happening or more to see than what is presented as, "the picture." Not all the works played up this concept so much or so well: "Screen," the picture shown above, I feel doesn't. Most likely I'll put up some more in the future...

Also, in the way of bad photographs, here are a couple works in progress. Already the progress is further along than in these (week old) pictures, but just to give some idea of what I'm working on at the moment.