Sunday, March 24, 2013

Recent Work

Here are some new paintings.  On my official website I'm calling them Drawings-Paintings since they're more spare and sketchy.  A couple or so will appear in or as more developed paintings...

 Sneaky Pigeons - acrylic on canvas board - 11 x 14 inches - 2013

 Like I Care What Polly Wants - acrylic on board - 11 x 14 inches - 2013

 Rather Rotund - acrylic on board - 12 x 12 inches - 2013

This fellow, above, appeared previously in my painting, "Ooo...  Goodies?"  Below is a painting that started out (never got past underdrawing) as one of a series of nudes I did some years ago that I was commissioned to do for sale on consignment.  Until recently, I'd folded the paper in half, using it as a folder, but I cut it at the fold and added the cat (you may also recognize from a previous painting) as well as a background from a recent issue of Elle Decor magazine.

 Cat, Guy, and Interior from Elle Decor - acrylic on paper - 11 x 17 inches

These two (the birds below, not the guy and cat...) will appear again in another painting that will include a landscape in the background.

Gray and White - acrylic on board - 18 x 24 inches - 2013

Also, once I have the files formatted and all that, I'm thinking these will be appearing over at Society 6 where you will be able to purchase print, i-whatnot, and maybe even throw pillow versions.

Ooo...  Goodies?