Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Shuffled Around

Not a big shuffling, but I thought I'd rearrange some of the paintings at the Brick Oven for the last month or so of the show. I'd originally planned to use the front room as a sort of retrospective room and the back for newer work, but I though some of the older stuff could stand to be seen in the higher traffic areas a bit. Plus I really want someone to buy:
It's one about which I continually hear, "Oh, I love that one," but as yet has not been taken off on its way into the world, so I'm hoping... Happily, I've sold a few things from the show: "Incensed Sensibility," "Even In..." and most recently, "Black and White," about which I've wondered, "does anyone but me like this one?" (a personal favorite, in truth), thus I'm pleased of some positive feedback on that one.