Wednesday, February 13, 2013

En route and new work

Doing a little open window action on a lovely winter day in the car on the way to Driftwood Vineyard for Tessa's (Tessa Bennetch, of Bells and Parks - she also took the picture) birthday.  I'm seen here with Liz Baker of The Baker Family.  Incidentally, I'm working on a painting for the Bakers for posters, I think.  Sorry, no work in progress photo just now.

Some recent paintings:

 Why don't you just shut up? - 16 x 18 inches - acrylic on canvas - 2012

A little more pared down than the usual, that one.  A little more usually pared, though... well less pared more usually... is this one.

Garden Walk - 18 x 24 inches - acrylic on canvas - 2012

Should have another post of work in progress soon.  Don't forget to check out Society 6 and musics: Mario Castelnuovo-Tadesco from Nancy Green and Frederick Moyer.

Any more space for colons and ellipses?