Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oh, it's Autumn again...

...and it's been three weeks since last I made an entry here!

Yeah, it's Autumn again. I won't be wearing a kilt... probably... but yeah, it's about that time of year when I start getting all, "et in arcadia..." so if you catch me sitting under a rock someplace scribbling autumnal waxings, sighing deep sighs, staring off into space instead of painting, don't be surprised...

Where can I get that hat?

Anyway, that's another George Barbier print. I'm awaiting the charging of a new battery to see if the camera will function. If that works, I'll have an update of artwork soon.

In the meantime, hop over to my website to check out old stuff! I've been filling in sections of older work: all the Flower-Pattern pictures are up, and I've added some Teas and Color-Panel paintings. More images will pop up for those latter-listed series, and maybe some even older ones, but I want to use the digital camera to take pictures since I only have slides of some older work and a lot of the prints aren't all that great and then one has to scan them straight or straighten on them on the computer, which tends to make them funky-looking, so that's that.

Perhaps the artwork update will be sooner than three weeks from now... or you may get poetry.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Site Sighting

Still from Frederic Goode's film, "World at Three," which I haven't seen.

Ahoy! As you might guess from the addition of the link over there on the side of the page in the, "view my art," section, the official, art website,, is now up and running... some parts are still in the works, but my more recent work is up in the, "current work," section.

The camera is still broken, so an update on new and in-progress work will have to wait.