Sunday, June 16, 2013

Studio Visits Magazine, vol. 22

I appear... well, no, a couple of my paintings appear in the current issue of the juried publication, Studio Visits Magazine... no picture of me in the magazine, but here is on that my friend, Stephen, took the other whenever it was now.

I think that's one of my trademark, odd, facial expressions - I'll have to check with legal.  Cool shot, though.

Otherwise, been busy with house-selling-moving-preparations-getting-slammed-at-work-trying-to-figure-out-where-my-stuff-is-so-I-can-work-on-new-paintings-drawings-etc.

Most recently completed ("recently"):

Commissioned by Stu Baker for the Baker Family.

Quick entry: haste la trade.


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Recent Work

Here are some new paintings.  On my official website I'm calling them Drawings-Paintings since they're more spare and sketchy.  A couple or so will appear in or as more developed paintings...

 Sneaky Pigeons - acrylic on canvas board - 11 x 14 inches - 2013

 Like I Care What Polly Wants - acrylic on board - 11 x 14 inches - 2013

 Rather Rotund - acrylic on board - 12 x 12 inches - 2013

This fellow, above, appeared previously in my painting, "Ooo...  Goodies?"  Below is a painting that started out (never got past underdrawing) as one of a series of nudes I did some years ago that I was commissioned to do for sale on consignment.  Until recently, I'd folded the paper in half, using it as a folder, but I cut it at the fold and added the cat (you may also recognize from a previous painting) as well as a background from a recent issue of Elle Decor magazine.

 Cat, Guy, and Interior from Elle Decor - acrylic on paper - 11 x 17 inches

These two (the birds below, not the guy and cat...) will appear again in another painting that will include a landscape in the background.

Gray and White - acrylic on board - 18 x 24 inches - 2013

Also, once I have the files formatted and all that, I'm thinking these will be appearing over at Society 6 where you will be able to purchase print, i-whatnot, and maybe even throw pillow versions.

Ooo...  Goodies?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

En route and new work

Doing a little open window action on a lovely winter day in the car on the way to Driftwood Vineyard for Tessa's (Tessa Bennetch, of Bells and Parks - she also took the picture) birthday.  I'm seen here with Liz Baker of The Baker Family.  Incidentally, I'm working on a painting for the Bakers for posters, I think.  Sorry, no work in progress photo just now.

Some recent paintings:

 Why don't you just shut up? - 16 x 18 inches - acrylic on canvas - 2012

A little more pared down than the usual, that one.  A little more usually pared, though... well less pared more usually... is this one.

Garden Walk - 18 x 24 inches - acrylic on canvas - 2012

Should have another post of work in progress soon.  Don't forget to check out Society 6 and musics: Mario Castelnuovo-Tadesco from Nancy Green and Frederick Moyer.

Any more space for colons and ellipses?