Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Obscurer Obscura et La Paresse

The camera is having some sort of issue, so I haven't been able to do the work in progress update of a few days ago that I'd intended. I've removed a couple canvases from stretchers with a plan to work on some parts with oil pastel: I'm hoping the mixing of media will yield a more satisfactory result than that which I foresee from continuing with paint.

I've been asked before what I do with pictures that aren't working out, to which I usually answer, "it depends." Most often, I throw them out; sometimes I just stick them in a drawer; make significant alterations to the image; or, on the rare occasion (this present being the only case within memory), I go after the image with a different medium at some stage.

I'll write more as things progress.

I'm trying to get some new paintings going, as well, but this print from George Barbier would seem not too far off the mark.

My idleness, alas, is short on the Chinoiserie (and I don't smoke)... It's August in Texas.

Also absent are the cat and lolling lovelies.