Friday, February 26, 2010

Alternative Venue

I realized when I was visiting B.B. Keville, New Alternatives Skin Care, yesterday, that I'd forgotten to mention that she'd invited me to put up some paintings at her New Beginings Wellness Center,, 3355 Bee Caves Road Suite 606, 293-8077, so I have a few paintings on view there which you might drop by to see if you're in the neighborhood... maybe on your way to a facial or craniosacral massage...

I've yet to have the latter, my sister gave me a gift certificate for one and she says it's pretty excellent, but B.B. does a nice bit of face rubbing, and, like I'd mentioned before, has done some good work in the treatment of facial blight for me.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

More Beneficial

B.B. Keville at New Alternative Skincare, who has been most helpful in healing a face-skin condition that saw fit to afflict me, asked me the other day, when I visited for a bit of face rubbing, if I might donate a picture for a benefit to be held for her old friend and veteran, Austin music fellow, Will Sexton, that is going on next Monday (Feb. 15) at Antone's, to help cover expenses from his recent stroke.

So, I've sent, "Summer Pastoral." I thought about sending one of the Pouffy-Pants Hummingbird paintings, but I'm kind of reluctant to seperate them and I want, "Going Courting," just at present, as reference for another picture (by the way, you can see these at the Libertine Gallery site). Yes, I need to get some more small, 11x14 and 10x10 inch paintings underway... yes, I need to get some paintings underway!

At any rate and nevertheless, "Summer Pastoral," came up pretty insistently to my mind as the one to send. I really want it to make its way out into the world and find a good home.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Show Down

Alternatively titled...


...since it shall include a number of pictures of myself.

So, yeah: just took the Brick Oven show down this past Sunday from which sold, "Black and White," "Even In..." and "Incensed Sensibility," all of which you may scroll down to see in the post titled, "Current Body of Work - installation one." My next scheduled gig is at Hyde Park (I think the one in Hyde Park) in June and July, but I need to see if I can line something up in the meantime... and get some more paintings started... and find a full-time job... blech!

At any rate, the self portraits here aren't merely an excercise in obsessive vanity: my friend from art school (yes, I only made and kept one) who now lives in Calgary, Mali Docktor, is arranging a an art auction to benefit the MS Society of Canada to which I'm donating a few things, requested I send a photo of myself for the site

This, above is the one she chose - incidentally my favorite which you get to see here in full-color-exclusive edition. It is a sort of redux of the picture I took for such purposes several years ago (which is overexposed a bit so I could probably get away with using it still). Perhaps I'll include the older image in another post - I quite like it - along with the painting in the background, "Three Seasons and Spring at the Heian Shrine," which I started back in the Color Panel phase but didn't complete until sometime during the Flower-Pattern period. I want to do another version of it at some point in time.

A few more I particularly like:

I forgot to put it here, and I'm not sure how to plunk a picture down en media res without difficulty, but I'm sending, "Pond, Evening," for the auction - you can scroll down to also see... oh, wait, you'll have to go to the Libertine Gallery site, (maybe I'll post that image closer to the event) - along with several prints, which are posted here. Mali asked if I might send a particular print, but I only have a test proof (a not too presentable test proof) of that one, so I sent a few others instead. Anyway, a couple intaglios and one linoleum print.

Again, be sure to check out Mali's Team Docktor site,, which has more information.