Thursday, December 30, 2010


Well, I have a number of new paintings, so rather than dropping them all into one post, I will make several smaller posts in which I may discus the featured images more at length. All of the new work is posted on The Official Website.

Recently, I've been interested in painting grackles and pigeons.

Tomato - 12 x 16 inches - acrylic on board

There Must be Something Good Around Here Someplace - 11 x 14 inches - acrylic on board

French Fries - 11 x 14 inches - acrylic on canvas

Common around Austin, especially during the Spring and Summer, grackles are amongst those critters that tend to be listed under the heading, "general nuisance:" noisy, messy birds, they are known for hanging around in large groups and lurking around eating spots, ready to snap up any random bit of stray food. They are, in fact, habituated to human/urban environments, and being amongst the relatively small number of creatures that dwell in said environments, have been mentioned as representing the lack of biodiversity in these locations.

At any rate, perhaps being scoundrels accounts for some of their appeal, but they also have odd characteristics that have certain charms; then males have beautiful iridescent coats while the females have less dramatic though also beautiful coats that transition from browns to blacks. Do birds have coats? I guess it's plumage.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Hyde Park South

I just... well, just yesterday morning put up the show at Hyde Park Bar and Grill, Westgate, 4521 Westgate Boulevard.
Just kidding: I haven't been very image laden on the blog of late, so wanted to put up something. I don't know who/what/what, here, but find the picture (that I found on some j-rock blog or another that was in I don't remember which non-English language) amusing. Attributions are welcome.

Anyway, the show is up through January 29th.

This evening I'll probably start formatting images of new works to post, so stay tuned.

Popularity with girls being a not unwelcome side effect.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Greetings Face-friends!

Yeah, finally have a Facebook page now. The link is over there on the side... over there with the links to my site and Libertine... I just mentioned, on my Facebook page, that I've been hearing Gary Numan a goodly bit lately and that I find I'm quite digging what I've been hearing. What I really need to do is update here with works in progress (some of which are completed) and recently completed works, but as I need to get dressed soon to go to a Christmas party, I will put that off till I am a bit more at leisure.

Yes, that last bit would have been more appropriate for the Facebook.