Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Shuffled Around

Not a big shuffling, but I thought I'd rearrange some of the paintings at the Brick Oven for the last month or so of the show. I'd originally planned to use the front room as a sort of retrospective room and the back for newer work, but I though some of the older stuff could stand to be seen in the higher traffic areas a bit. Plus I really want someone to buy:
It's one about which I continually hear, "Oh, I love that one," but as yet has not been taken off on its way into the world, so I'm hoping... Happily, I've sold a few things from the show: "Incensed Sensibility," "Even In..." and most recently, "Black and White," about which I've wondered, "does anyone but me like this one?" (a personal favorite, in truth), thus I'm pleased of some positive feedback on that one.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Showed Up

The Brick Oven Restaurant show is up now (1608 West 35th Street). If I say so myself, which I do, the work looks quite good in the place, an old house, intimate in scale, and with motled, tan-ish walls.

Here are pictures of the most recently finished paintings. The cat is still in want of a decent picture: I've tried several lighting situations, but as yet...

Friday, September 25, 2009

A Poetical Interlude

Around this time of year, I most always find myself feeling a bit poetic and into poetry. Recently, I keep thinking of this poem, http://www.poetryfoundation.org/archive/poem.html?id=181986 (my apologies for only having the link here: didn't want to print it without authorization), "Atlantic Oil" by Cesare Pavese, that I first came across about a year ago. Probably I should memorize it (the words), but the visual imagery and the feel of environment and people is what keeps coming to mind. I'd forgotten there is a mention of Fall, which perhaps reminded me of it; the time of the poem itself, I picture as Spring or perhaps even Summer. Of course, Autumn always makes me wish it were Spring or Summer again already.

Also of course, I hate to have an entry with no picture: "Bigelow Brawl," 30 x 24 inches, acrylic on canvas, one of the old Tea Paintings. These fellows have probably had too much wine, themselves. At any rate, I recommend hopping over to the poetry foundation site to check out Mr. Pavese's work: most all of his poems have the distinct sense of time, place, and (annecdotal) event; and the manner of writing that has the immediate, visual presence I most enjoy (in writing).

I seem to be enjoying parentheses as well...

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Current Body of Work - installation one

I though it might not be a bad idea to make an entry of my current body of work, or rather the works of which it so far consists... True I still need to get my website up and running, but, in the meantime, here they are and of course the images can be viewed larger when selected. My apologies for the very vertical fromat. Also, I'm still working on photographing (digitally) the dark background paintings without glares and glints - not a problem when I photograph them for slides - but you'll get the idea well enough for now, I hope...

Rather than add another entry titled something like, "Are they or aren't they," I decided to include this set as a sort of appendix of work that is more closely related to the most recent work than to the previous work. Ah, 2008 was an interesting year... Most of the year's work is over at the Libertine site and to preface the erratic look of it: ambitious program that was to include many works interconnected came to naught... Also, there's the previous set of works proper...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Okay... Computer?

Ah yes, computer issues of late, but now, I'm back with a functioning computer and in keeping with updating progress on paintings well after they've progressed further, here are a few pictures...

I'm incorporating the picture of the Ponte Vecchio into the background of the painting with the birds that is only drawn in above. Truth be told, I've already painted that background, but I need to photograph it along with the other two, which, at least for those, involves a bit of set up for good reproduction and also photographing them with the nondigicamera for slides. I need to get slide film.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Old stuff, new stuff

Recently I've been adding pictures from my Color-Panel Series to the old stuff available at Yessy.com. This series, executed mostly during 2005 between the Tea Paintings and the Flower-Pattern Paintings, is a small set of paintings, not previously exhibited.

Screen 16x20 inches acrylic on canvas

The idea for the colored center with uncolored sides came directly from the Tea Paintings, particularly the ones using Twinings envelopes:

I need to take new, digital pictures of the Tea Paintings since I'm not satisfied with the quality of the extant, photo-print images which additionally didn't all scan very well...

At any rate, the uncolored sides presented themselves to me, conceptually, as an area beyond the edge of the canvas and not, "the main picture," but implying that there is more happening or more to see than what is presented as, "the picture." Not all the works played up this concept so much or so well: "Screen," the picture shown above, I feel doesn't. Most likely I'll put up some more in the future...

Also, in the way of bad photographs, here are a couple works in progress. Already the progress is further along than in these (week old) pictures, but just to give some idea of what I'm working on at the moment.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Black and White - 2008 - 16"x20" acrylic on canvas

Welcome to my artblog/temporary website (no telling when an actual, official website of my art will occur). I'm still getting things going here: figuring out how things work, what the content is going to be, what fonts and colors I want to use.
I'm expecting the entries will principally be my pictures with descriptive blurbs and perhaps also something of a journal of work in progress; but I wouldn't be surprised if I branch out into writing about other peoples' art, music, design, whatever strikes my fancy.
At any rate, as far as site for viewing my work go at present, my most recent work can be seen (and acquired) at Libertine Gallery http://www.libertinegallery.com/primeaux.htm: the gallery is presently without a physical space, but maintains the online presence and is otherwise nomadic. Also, I've put up (and will be puting up more) older stuff - works previously unsold, works previously unshown, works previously unseen - at this place yessy.com, http://www.yessy.com/JeffreyPrimeaux/fpgallery.html, since I'm running out of storage space...
Until later,