Thursday, October 14, 2010

Why I simply MUST learn to use Powerpoint

Well, this post wasn't going to start out with the titular declaration, but I was sufficiently amused by...

... which you can see for yourself at Ralph Lauren Home, that I've decided I must learn Powerpoint for my own amusement... never mind that every office about these days seems to think their receptionists and administrative assistants and other lackeys need to know the program. I suppose it's so they, the employers, can leave it to someone else to produce their cheesy presentations. I don't know if it's possible for a Powerpoint presentation to look, "professional," but I've been sufficiently turned off by the ones to which I've been subjected to promote a general ban (along with one on leaf-blowers), should one be proposed. Of course, I suppose I do have some aesthetic training and sensibilities, whereas...

Anyway, Mr. Lauren's fellows have made me feel much better about perhaps someday confessing the I know Powerpoint, if they haven't inspired me to get to it post haste.

The inspiration for this post all started out, in truth, as a mention of the new issue (November 2010) of Elle Decor, the cover of which features an image of a room - interior designer, Suzanne Rheinstein's place - painted with a grisaille mural, which those of you who know my attraction to pictorial wallpapers and all that, know must excite me. There is also this advertisement (point of departure), I wished to mention, for R.L. Home which one sees when one opens the front cover:

Well, this is the picture used in the advertisement without the text that appears in the magazine, but it's got borzoi. Supposedly, adult borzoi are virtually mute, a feature which particularly appeals to me in this age of everyone having dogs, and dogs that they leave alone all day and whenever long to bark for hours on end... it's worse than Powerpoint presentations.

Really, though, borzoi are beautiful and I haven't seen any in ads or elsewhere in a while, so, yeah. More of these fellows here and there's another breeder's site I like, Valeska Borzoi, which also features nice pictures of their dogs.

I'm trying to think of whom the heiress reminds me.